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Friday, May 1, 2009

What I do know about men

Just reading a advice column, you know where people post their personal business for strangers to read. And respond with their bad experiences. Haven (not real name) is getting mixed signals from her male best friend. They have been close for years, but now things may be changing. He is telling her how he misses her while at work, and is distracted by thoughts of her. He is willing to drive an hour and a half to cheer her up. She is confused by the new attention. Should they sleep together? No, don't do it. Trust me nothing good will come of this. Most importantly ladies the BF relationship will not be salvageable. He will not feel comfortable around you again. Never crossed that friendship line. Men can not handle it. They will always feel you want more. There are too many men out there to risk losing a good shoulder to cry on.


  1. it almost sounds like he has feelings for her, which can work if they go both ways.. i met my bf 16 years ago and hes been chasing me until 3 years ago when we started dating. i laid down my rules and he complied lol i find him the easiest guy to date and this is the longest "dating" relationship ive been in.
    It depends on the friend. I had a friend for 5 years (with benefits) and we don't talk to each other any more. Not because of a fight, because were both in relationships and it would be too awkward because the one your with will be paranoid that the "lover" status might kick back in someday. So to avoid it, we just dont talk or see each other anymore. I miss my freind, I kind of wish i had not had that kind of relationship with him. The friendship meant more then the sex.. just words of advice from experience.

  2. I have to say yes, best friends can become lovers, and more, if both truly want the relationship. I met a guy when I was in my teens and I am now in my 40's. We were friends for a few years, then best friends even while dating other people. Once we found ourselves both free we decided to try dating. I have to say it was the best decision I ever made - happily married to him for 18 years!