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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry haven't blogged in over a week. The semester just ended and I was really worn out. I have been spending time with my daughter. We have seen Star Trek twice. We love that movie, and Kirk and Spock. We will be heading to the beach in a couple of weeks for a few days of sun and fun. Boy, do I need that. We will see David Cook while there. I look forward to good seafood, and hours on the beach. I have travel plans for this summer, I will go where no man has gone before. My niece, Ashleigh graduates from college this weekend. She is a doll baby. I love her so much. She will be a great teacher, because she is so caring and giving. Well. that is all for today. See you later in blogger land.

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  1. have fun at the beach!

    i love you so much! thanks for the kind words <3