Saturday, May 2, 2009

May brings Babies

Doesn't it seem like everyone is having a baby in May. It is a perfect month to deliver. One more month and the pangs of Hell. I mean summer heat. Being large and in charge and sweating like the family pig on a spit. Sweat glands seem to triple in size during the last three months. You feel bad, your feet are two sizes larger then normal and everything gets on your nerves. Plus all you want to do is eat and sleep. I remember calling my doctor everyday for two weeks. I was miserable and Huge. I drove my poor husband crazy. The man really was a saint during this time. I would send him to the Ghetto for shrimp fried rice. I am not kidding. He would drive across town to this place that was a walk up window. With bars! Forget the nice Chinese restaurants with pleasant hostesses nearby. I had to have that rice, and nothing else would do. What a pain I was. I look back now and shake my head. Thank God for a loving husband, and supportive family. Oh, and by the way, my doctor was "conveniently out of town when I finally went into labor. More motherhood tales this month.

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  1. Folk need to figure out what happened nine months ago to figure what there baby is.

    May babies were created around Labor Day, the last warm weasther holiday.

    April babies are the Fourth of July.

    Late October to November babies are Valentine's Day creations.

    Curious, huh?