Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

I was just on AOL where there was a comment section on our president. I read some of the posts, and was so sickened by several of them, that I could not post. President Obama, came to office with a mess on his hands. A mess created by the previous administration. I cannot understand why so many are trying to forget that the prolems were already there waiting for him. He faced a economy hanging on the edge. A very unpopular war in Iraq. Plus unemployment numbers not seen in decades.

All these problems are right in our face, but some people are posting hate. Calling him a ape. Saying the White House smells because of the first family. That it needs to be burned down after they leave. These are the same people that are our neighbors, and co-workers. They would never say these thimgs at lunch, or over the back fence. But, they hid behind the internet, where no one can know who they are. I am saddened by these comments. It took everyone of us to build this country. It will take Americans to bring us out of this era. Love this country and be proud of the achievements we have reached. Stop the hate, it is contagious. Why can't we find a cure for hatred?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Try being a 50 + college student, in todays fast pace world. Why am I getting a second degree. I know I could just get a masters, but, with this major I would not get all the courses I really need. It is not about the degree, but, about the Bible. There is so much to learn when it comes to Religious Studies. And guess what? I really want to learn it. Add to the fact that I am Catholic, well 2000 years worth of knowledge there. I love all aspects of the subject. It is really our true History. I think about the 12 Apostles, and how they went to theirs deaths gladly. All but John were put to death. What did they know? Had they truly seen the risen Christ. What other explanation could there be. These men died with the Lord's name on their lips, they were not afraid. They knew there was another life for them. They had walked with and touched Jesus. I think about it everyday. This has been my saving Grace.